Are You Ready To Change How You Parent?

Are you the parent that regularly blows up- not only in front of- but AT your children?

While it’s normal to show frustration now and then, losing your temper at your kids on a regular basis can leave them feeling fearful and nervous around you.

One of our main jobs as parents is to make our kids feel safe and secure, so the long-term effects of regularly witnessing outbursts of anger on our kids can stick with them for longer than we realise. 

Do you find yourself wracked with guilt and filled with self-loathing when you lose control?

Parental guilt is one of life’s facts. The nature of being a parent is such that we often take on the emotional responsibility of almost everything that happens to those we hold most dear. 

However, if you’re unable to hold your temper and your disciplinary methods are crossing a personal line, you might feel that particular ache of regret that you get when you realise your child is afraid of you in that moment.

Are you trapped in a cycle of losing your temper followed by regret, shame and helplessness?

Getting off the angry parent merry-go-round can seem impossible at times. 

You make up your mind to be calmer and kinder one day, and the next, they accidentally break the doll you had as a child- or something else of great sentimental value- and you can’t help but fly off the handle at them… and the look on your precious baby’s face makes you wonder why you were freaking out over something material.

You feel that familiar pang of guilt and swear to do better. 

And round and round it goes...

If any of the above resonates with you, you’ve come to the right place. 

No one decides to have a short fuse, and there could be any number of reasons you’re stuck in this toxic cycle of anger and guilt.

You might have been raised in an authoritarian household, so you don’t know any different. 

If there are outside factors causing you to experience overwhelm and anxiety surrounding your parenting, or even your life in general, it could cause you to struggle with your temper.


Even worse- this cycle is probably causing even more frustration and anxiety, leading to even more tension, and you’re probably so tightly wound, you feel like you’re about to snap at any moment. 

So, What’s The Answer?


Kids don’t come with a manual, and raising them is hard. Being hard on yourself won’t change the situation. 

The next step is to acknowledge that this can’t continue. 

In the long run, you could be perpetuating the cycle and your kids could end up in the same boat.

Worse, a childhood of fear and trauma can lead to a life of all sorts of negative responses and toxic coping mechanisms.

Acknowledging where you’re going wrong is confronting but once you’ve done that, you’ll be on the path to being able to create a peaceful living situation for yourself and your family.

You might even have looked into some methods before.

If you’re aware of past trauma or turmoil, talk therapy may have seemed like the obvious choice.

However, if you’ve ever been for counselling, you’ll already know that while it might work, it can take months- or even years- of sessions to work through all the issues.

There are also some courses out there that focus on changing your children’s behaviour instead of your own. This is really just a way to allow you to continue to avoid the real reasons for your own, out-of-control reactions. 

You may even have looked into something like hypnotherapy, which may or may not work long term, but can also take a while and many costly sessions.  

If you’ve tried some or any of these, you might have been ‘fixed’ for a while- but if you’re here, you’ve probably found them lacking and decided to abandon them, your confidence and bank balance bruised.


If the methods did work, you might have seen yourself slipping into old behaviours and reactions, because you haven’t fully dealt with your own traumas. 

But if they didn’t, the cycle likely would have started again. The impatience, the yelling, the smacking, the fear, the tears, the regret… and on and on.

What if I Told You There is A Way Off This Destructive Merry-Go-Round?

Because there is.

How do I know?

Because I did it myself. 

I changed the way I parent to create a calmer, happier home, where my kids know I respect them, and they respect me.

Am I a perfect parent?

Absolutely not!

I still lose it now and then, but the difference is that I know how to bring myself down from that place and make necessary changes to create a harmonious home for my children.

“How did you change?” I hear you ask.

Go back to the top of the page and read those questions again.

How do I know to ask them? Hold on, this is going to get a little raw...

Before I had my children, the way I parented didn’t really cross my mind. 

I’m quite chilled out as a person anyway, so I expected parenthood to be a breeze.

Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Like many new mothers, I suffered from post-natal depression after my eldest was born. 

I desperately wanted to hold and bond with my baby, but, try as I might, I couldn’t connect with her AT ALL. 

One day, my daughter was screaming incessantly, and all I could think was that she hated me because I couldn’t connect with her.

Eventually, driven to the brink by frustration by my failure to breastfeed and severe sleep deprivation, I totally lost it and threw a heavy book against the wall, creating a massive hole. 

I sobbed and sobbed, feeling like the worst mum in the world.

This story has a happy ending. 

I stopped trying to breastfeed and bottle-fed her guilt-free, knowing my baby was fed and content. 

She screamed and cried a whole lot less, and finally, we bonded.

But I never forgot the feeling of helplessness and fear that that period of her life might affect her long term, and I began to do research into conscious parenting. 

And that’s when I decided to parent in a way that allowed my children to feel their emotions and their parents to respect them as autonomous beings.

It wasn’t the easiest thing I’d ever done. Facing the reasoning behind my reactions was one of the most difficult things I’d ever done, but any time I wavered, I pictured that dreadful life that could await my kids if I didn’t change.

The above story might sound very familiar to you. If you’re an angry parent, you’ve probably been in a similar situation. The details may be different, but the feelings of guilt, pain, fear, regret, rage, and sheer hopelessness are the same.

I want you to know; THERE IS HOPE.

No parent is perfect, but the fact that you’re even here, looking at options, is proof that you’re a caring, proactive parent. 

And, with my help, you can become a conscious parent. 

So, why listen to me? 

I’m Csilla Love, teacher, Tik Tokker (yes, really!), NLP practitioner and- most of all - mum to two amazing, young children. 

As a primary school teacher with over 17 years’ experience, I have been in the privileged position to observe children in a safe environment. 

This experience, combined with an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Timeline Therapy© certification, many hundreds’ of hours of research, has allowed me the opportunity to create a parenting program and teach my methods to others. 

Introducing: LoveSoul Parenting

What is LoveSoul Parenting?

LoveSoul Parenting is the sequel to my successful, self-paced course for kids, LoveSoul, which focused on the relationship development between parents and their children. 

Where LoveSoul was very child-centric, LoveSoul Parenting focuses on YOU, the parent. 

Hurt people hurt people, and this is never more true than when applied to an adult who experienced childhood trauma attempting to parent their own children. 

My aim is to help you heal yourself, so you’re able to parent in a way that banishes trauma and fear from your children’s upbringing. 

Using a variety of tried and true methods, LoveSoul Parenting aims to heal the child in you- the child that has created any number of coping mechanisms to function as an adult. 

Through deep-dive one-on-one coaching sessions over the course of 8 weeks, a series of mini-missions, and much more, LoveSoul Parenting will allow you to face your young self and guide them through healing. 

We’ll also hand you the tools you can use in your daily life as a parent to allow yourself to regain control over your reactions to create a sense of trust and harmony in your home and with your children. 

We’ll teach you to cope with triggers that cause you to lose control of your emotions plus new ways to discipline consciously, without instilling fear or distrust in your children.

We’ll also walk through mindset and language, and the effect it can have, and how to communicate and create a solid connection with your kids. 

In dealing with your own childhood hurt and trauma, you’ll be able to create a safe space for your kids to grow and thrive in a loving, trusting environment. 

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up:

LoveSoul Parenting:


  • Private coaching calls with Csilla once a week for 8 weeks (60 minutes per session). This program allows Csilla to guide you through your own, personal experiences and traumas in a completely private, online setting.

  • Direct WhatsApp access to Csilla. Since your private sessions will be going deeper into your psyche, Csilla will be on standby* to guide you through WhatsApp messages any time you feel the need for additional support from her, personally.

  • Free e-book: 6 Steps to Help Children Deal with Emotions: Many adults struggle to process their emotions without help- why do we expect it of children? This free e-book by Csilla Love breaks down the 6 steps for you to follow to guide your children through the very big emotions they feel.

  • Online instant access to past workshops. Hold on tight as Csilla takes you on a deep dive into your own emotions and teaches you how to heal from them. This, along with the private calls means you get double the solid, gold content and guidance from Csilla. 

  • Mini Missions to keep this program at the forefront of your mind as you work your way through the course. 

  • Inner-Child Meditation and Healing to gently guide you through your own subconscious to tackle past pain and trauma that could be affecting your parenting today.

  • Printable resources: Csilla provides you with practicable resources you can print out and integrate with the teachings to create lasting results with your child.

ENQUIRE NOW! Only 2 spots available!

*Please be aware that Csilla is based in Sydney, Australia and will be able to answer messages during reasonable waking hours (AEST time zone). Please don’t expect her to be available 24/7.

This is a Course to Change Your Parenting and Your Life. 

With this course, you can expect to be:

  • A calmer, more conscious parent. 

  • That parent that other parents look at in awe, wondering how you can stay so calm and why your kids listen so well. 

  • The parent whose children have no hesitation in coming to you with any problem, because they know you’ll be calm and will never shut them out. 

  • The parent whose children grow up in a bright, harmonious household filled with love, joy, and openness, instead of fear, trauma, and trepidation.

  • The parent who can not only regulate your own feelings and emotions, but to teach these vital strategies to your children, allowing them to perpetuate the cycle of security, open dialogue, and connection with their own children. 

  • The parent who sleeps peacefully, knowing that your children are safe, happy, and trust you completely. 

Parenting on a conscious level won’t make you a perfect parent. But it will help you to understand yourself and your children on a deeper level.

In 2021, Csilla began to create content for Tik Tok. Her following has grown hugely in the short time she’s been posting, from zero to nearly two hundred thousand. Csilla’s content has allowed parents from all around the world to realise that there is another way to parent, making them aware of how their parenting choices could adversely affect their children in the long run. Some of her videos have led to many realising how their own childhoods have affected them and their lives as adults. 

Every day, Csilla’s following grows, and she’s even collaborated with other Tik Tok creators, such as Annaliese Erin and Despina (CrystalsWithin), running parenting workshops and appearing as a guest coach on live streams. 

A Reminder of what you'll get:

  • 8 weeks of one-on-one coaching calls
  • Instant access to all past online workshops
  • Mini-missions to help you stay focussed in between sessions
  • Inner-child meditation and healing guidance
  • Printable resources to use with your child
  • Unlimited advice and guidance access to Csilla via WhatsApp
  • Ebook: 6 Steps to Help Children Deal with Emotions

**Payment plans available

How much is changing your parenting worth to you?

You could spend thousands upon thousands on counselling or therapy, which could take months or even years.

Or you could spend 8 weeks working on healing yourself to come out the other side transformed, together, and able to be the parent you want to be. 

To be the parent your children need you to be. 

The bad news is that spots ARE limited.

There are only 2 spots available for LoveSoul Parenting, and they will go fast, so ENQUIRE NOW!