Hi, I'm Csilla Love

I know why you’re here. 


You’re here because you want the very best for your kids, and you’ll do absolutely anything for them and their happiness.

Whether you’re worried about your child’s negative self-talk, lack of self-esteem, or inability to see how special and unique they truly are, your priority is handing your kids the tools to be happy and confident in themselves. 

You may be feeling the tension and stress that comes from worrying about your children. You may struggle with the balance of encouraging your child and pushing them too hard because you can see their full potential.

I’m here because what gets me out of bed in the morning (besides my 2 young kids!) is a passion for helping children reach their full potential. 

I do this as a mother, a teacher, and a mindset coach. 

As a teacher for over 17 years, my focus has been on teaching kids what they need to know and empowering them through my teaching, empathy, and praise.

I created this course because my focus has increasingly been on mindset and helping children to grow

With so much emphasis placed on children’s intelligence or physical development, there is a massive gap in their emotional growth and development. 

This is where I come in. 

I want to continue to empower children and their parents through LoveSoul courses to help them gain the understanding needed to battle through difficulties, both internal and external.

I help parents to deal with their own childhood hurt and trauma, in order to create a safe space for their kids to grow and thrive in a loving, trusting environment. 

I want children to grow up believing in themselves as much as we, their parents, believe in them.

And most of all, I want YOU and your children to come away from LoveSoul courses with the confidence that you have broken the generational parenting cycle of trauma and your children can be anything they want to be, that they are loved, worthy, and supported. 

LoveSoul is My Passion Project. 

As well as being a mother of 2, I have been a teacher for over 17 years. In that time, I have gained valuable insight into children’s minds and what they need in order to thrive. 

Becoming an NLP practitioner and timeline therapist has given me the tools and techniques that I needed to put my ideas about mindfulness in children into practice. 

You may have tried other programs in the past. 

Overwhelming programs that have promised big results, and not delivered.

Impersonal programs with no parental involvement or chance to build a connection.

Cookie-cutter programs that don’t fit your child or make you feel like you need to label them. 

A course that could only promise short term results.

No follow up or consistency with communication.

LoveSoul Courses to Change Your Parenting and Your Life. 

With LoveSoul courses, you can expect to be:

  • A calmer, more conscious parent. 

  • That parent that other parents look at in awe, wondering how you can stay so calm and why your kids listen so well. 

  • The parent whose children have no hesitation in coming to you with any problem, because they know you’ll be calm and will never shut them out. 

  • The parent whose children grow up in a bright, harmonious household filled with love, joy, and openness, instead of fear, trauma, and trepidation.

  • The parent who can not only regulate your own feelings and emotions, but to teach these vital strategies to your children, allowing them to perpetuate the cycle of security, open dialogue, and connection with their own children. 

  • The parent who sleeps peacefully, knowing that your children are safe, happy, and trust you completely. 

Parenting on a conscious level won’t make you a perfect parent. But it will help you to understand yourself and your children on a deeper level.

LoveSoul Testimonials

Anke, Cassia & Roya

"Whether your family is new to personal development or are already including growth mindset practises in your daily routine, the whole family will benefit from Csilla’s course. She explains the different concepts so well and is warm and engaging. The tasks are fun for the kids and I highly recommend the parents or caregivers get involved too and support each other as a family to set and reach goals."

Therese & Ari

"The course was very helpful in gauging how my daughter sees herself and how she thinks. It was nice to see some practices I have already implemented discussed and it was a great way to initiate a discussion between my daughter and me."

Hayley, Nicole & Josh

The LoveSoul Mindset Course is a MUST for everyone! Csilla's course takes you and your family on a journey of self-reflection that redefines your thinking and empowers you with strategies and tools to live each day openly, honestly and 'as your true self'. We loved every module as we learnt more about ourselves and each other. Thank you, Csilla!


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